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Game & Duck

We offer a full range of game products many of which are procured locally from Dorset and Hampshire. We aim to offer fresh seasonal game products to include venison, pheasant, grouse pigeon, rabbit and partridge. Due to the links we have established with local farmers and gamekeepers we are able to offer a selection of the finest game products available locally.

Our Top Sellers

Low in fat and extremely flavoursome our Whole Rabbit is full of rich proteins, ideal for slow cooking and roasting.

High in fat and high in protein our Duck Breast has a brilliantly rich and meaty flavour.

Cut from the back leg our Venison Haunch is a very lean joint and is the prime venison roasting cut.

Ideal for slow cooking our Duck Legs are succulent and wonderfully tender. Not to mention simple and almost impossible to overcook.

Wonderfully lean and full of flavour our Pigeon Breasts are cheap, quick and easy to cook, and taste excellent. They are available with skin on or skinless.